Holy crap!

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Holy crap!
« on: 15/08/2013 17:59:52 »
I wonder what all religions are truly all about.

At first glance religion seems like a bunch of barley intelligible metaphors, but If you get into it then you realize that religions exist to answer a few very distinct questions, to teach "right and wrong" and to make people have "faith".

Some of these questions are as follows

-The meaning of life.
-The origin of life
-The nature of the creator.
-What happens after death.
-What is my destiny.

These are Just a few examples of what religions stand for, to answer these age old questions.

Religions also have a second purpose which is to teach "morality" to attempt to tell people the difference between right and wrong. But other then that they are a history of old stories and legends, Most of these stories deal with "magic" "miracles"
and various "gods".

I believe that religions are good, It does indeed help people BUT I don't believe that these religions are true, In a way I don't believe that any religion has actually answered those age old questions and I don't believe these legends are true ether.

I believe that as mortal men we CAN NOT know the answers to these age old questions, I believe that we should embrace the fact that no man can know the answers to these questions.  If we don't embrace this fact, then we could spend our entire lives looking for the answer and in doing so we blind our selves to lies and thous who would say they do know all the answers when truthfully there is no answer.

The only thing I know is that I can't know, ya know.

I don't believe that right and wrong can be categorized Into "this is right and this is wrong" Its all situational, sometimes doing what you think is right is wrong in vice verse.  You can't judge what is what, but people do it any way and cause other people to do the same.

And last but not least "faith" what is faith? Most people don't understand the concept of faith. I will attempt to explain the meaning of faith in a way most science people can relate.

This is a story of a Greek soldier, like most Greeks this man believed in Zeus and their various gods.  One day he went to pray at the temple of Zeus.
the shrine there was a spear made of copper. The soldier left his old iron sword and shield at the bottom of the alter as tribute.  2 days later a storm passed over the temple and a lightning bolt struck the copper spear (the spear acted like a lightning rod) and magnetized the iron sword and shield.

Ok that story was clean cut example of a religious practice. you have to remember that back in those times electricity and magnetism was poorly understood.

The monks at the temple "THOUGHT" that Zeus had blessed the sword and shield with magic, they found the soldier and gave him his "magic" stuff back.  The soldier felt empowered by this situation, he became confident that the gods really do exist because he could explain his magic sword and shield in no other way.

can you see how this man could have thought that? This happened at a religious temple and in such a dramatic way, If you were this man what would you think? If I were him I would have came upon the same answer. 

faith in essence is a heightened believe in religion which is often attributed to perceived miracles. I just gave an example of how the Greek "THOUGHT" that what happened was a miracle and thus THOUGHT that the gods were responsible for this  and as a result BELIEVED in the gods more. "faith"

this story Involves many things found in religion, prayer, tribute, belief in gods and magic.  A perfectly legitimate legend.

I hope you understand now what faith is, Its a self delusion. an attempt to explain something you don't understand, the situation appears spiritual in nature and as a result you come up with a spiritual answer

so on recap I explained

That nobody can know the answers to those age old questions, it's just impossible get over it. Don't believe anyone who says they know the answers because they can't like I said it's impossible for people to know.

That moral judgment is a choice religions may attempt to help you become more moral but in the end that has nothing to do with the underlining purpose of religion.

that faith is a self delusion, it's attributing naturally occurring phenomenon which you don't understand to a "god" that way it becomes hard to deny the gods because so called proof (such as the magnet sward) make you believe that the gods do exist.

I sound like an atheist, but I'm not, I'm not saying that there is no god, all I'm saying is that I just don't know, I can't know. Nobody can really know if there is or is not a god. the same goes for what happens after death and all those other unanswerable questions. 

I see for the first time that this is the truth, I now know that religion is just man kind's attempts to answer unanswerable questions, to understand what men can't  truly understand. people who don't know that it's impossible to to know those answers will flock to religion for "The answer" and basically get told someones attempted answers.

It's all very simple but it takes a while to explain why.  You just can't know, you are put here on earth for a reason but you can't know that reason it's just the way the game's rules are just except it.


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Re: Holy crap!
« Reply #1 on: 15/08/2013 20:29:27 »
Some of these questions are as follows ...

[Q1]-The origin of life
[Q2]-The nature of the creator.
[Q3]-What happens after death. ...

nobody can know the answers to those age old questions, it's just impossible get over it.

I beg to differ ...

A1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abiogenesis
A2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blind_watchmaker
A3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decomposition

I believe that religions are good ...
All of them ? ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_new_religious_movements
even this type ? ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heaven%27s_Gate_%28religious_group%29
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Re: Holy crap!
« Reply #2 on: 16/08/2013 15:04:58 »
You believe what someone says, Science is part religion no different from any other most people don't seem to realize that, the only difference is the type of thinking involved. for example
bio genesis is a "theory" not a fact plus you wouldn't know unless you read it (if you were told) the belief in god is a theory too, it's simply not a "logical" theory.

I have heard about heavens gate and all those 20'th century evil cults. your right, not all religions are "good" some are "Evil" like satanism.  I was referring to the big time religions like Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and stuff like that.

heavens gate is a perfect example of people searching for those unanswerable questions.  Someone lied to them and said they know the answers those people believed the lier and guess were that got them.
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