can dry mouth be alleviated electronically?

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can dry mouth be alleviated electronically?
« on: 16/08/2013 23:12:35 »
I heard somewhere on a health podcast - or it might even have been on TNS - that someone has come up with an electronic device which stimulates the salivary glands a few minutes each day and this is sufficient to alleviate dry mouth symptoms for the rest of hte day. I tried to find this on the web and asked my dentist. First, he hadn't heard of it but when I gave him some web refs. he looked into it and said it was only available in Israel. Anything further on this?


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Re: can dry mouth be alleviated electronically?
« Reply #1 on: 25/08/2013 02:23:39 »
I wonder if meditation or massage would help. Saliva is stimulated when the parasympathetic nervous system is active, which is when you are in a relaxed state. Some people notice they actually drool when they are getting a good massage.