Science And Sorcery

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Science And Sorcery
« on: 17/08/2013 03:04:46 »
Could Science be sorcery? I believe that this is the truth mostly because of were the schools of science originate from, the schools of magic. For example, in principle what is the difference between alchemy and chemistry, astrology and astronomy, a shaman and a doctor or a sorcerer and a scientist. many of you might see a huge difference but in essence they do the same thing.

Really the only difference is age, sorcery is basically very old science. still not convinced? look at some more comparisons.

A shaman is a Healer and a doctor is a healer too, really the only difference is time, a shaman attempts to do the same thing as a doctor, the practice is the same.  Even the symbols are the same!

most people don't realize that this is an ancient alchemy symbol. yet you see this symbol all over hospitals.  The very word pharmacy means sorcery believe it or not!

the list goes on and on and on.  you are reading this on a laptop probably, if you hold it by it's spine you can see that it's a type of book, one that is connected to a metaphysical library, lightning flows through it's guided veins! and on top of all that this magic book talks and sings.  come on.  :-\

If you went back in time with any modern technology you would be seen as a sorcerer.  people would be like "what sorcery is this"

you know what I'm talking about? obviously there is some co-relationship yet science and sorcery want to be seen as 2 opposites. But in reality they are brother faiths.