What does testicular size say about parental skills?

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Men with smaller testicles tend to be more involved as fathers, a new study suggests.

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Re: Bloke’s balls to predict paternal skill?
« Reply #1 on: 23/09/2013 12:09:06 »
Now, I'm sure this study will prove to have some application in the future, but what baffles me is this:

The researchers then compared testicular size with the dads' behaviour, firstly by asking the men questions to find out how involved they are as fathers, such as do you read your child a bedtime story? Do you bath them, or pick them up from school? Would you like to do this if you had the time?

Did they then ask, "How big are your balls?"

I wonder how many fathers they had to ask to get their study on the road. I mean, had they asked the wrong bloke, like me, I'd have given them a thick ear and sent them packing.

"Bugger off weirdo!"
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Re: What does testicular size say about parental skills?
« Reply #2 on: 23/09/2013 23:15:59 »
What about mono-balled men ?
If they too are more involved as fathers then that would be evidence that ball-volume is driving the behaviour.


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Re: What does testicular size say about parental skills?
« Reply #3 on: 24/09/2013 04:09:46 »
Needs some more study, in particular the question of whether testicular size changes once you become an involved father or not.
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