How long do we survive after last breath?

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How long do we survive after last breath?
« on: 18/09/2013 01:49:53 »
We often see people in movies etc taking a last breath and everyone assumes the person is dead. but if you breathe out and then don't breath in again you start feeling terrible and suffocated etc and luckily you can go one breathing. But if you can't because you're physically finished, what goes on inside your head? Are you struggling in pain and despair trying to breathe in again? how long would this last? Dying is not such a peaceful thing even in your own bed because you must be going on living but not breathing. So for how long? Has anyone heard pf studies of people who came back after what was supposed to be a 'last breath' to give their experiences?


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Re: How long do we survive after last breath?
« Reply #1 on: 18/09/2013 08:48:04 »
The records for holding one's breath under water is around 10 minutes without pure oxygen, and 20 minutes if one ventilates with 100% oxygen prior to the event.  Although, this may be longer in water than on air. 

But, this would mean that one should be able to hold one's breath for a couple of minutes, perhaps up to 5 minutes without damage. 

If one experienced temporary diaphragm paralysis, a person may well survive for several minutes (does it depend if one inhales first?).  It may, however, be different if the circulatory system is compromised, in particular if the circulation to the brain is compromised, then the time may be reduced to just a couple of minutes before irreversible damage occurs.