Hungarians and Slavs should be patrimonious. Stick together.

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Good day to you viewers, I am Hungarian on one side but live a better life in Australia. It seems that some people think it is unhealthy to love your cousins and distant cousins. To have a special interest in the people descended from the same fathers.

But to that I reply, we Hungarians and Slavs need to stick together now more than ever, as we have become the source countries, the old countries, for the new slave trade. Human trafficking, particularly young girls.

We Hungarians and slavs have in common, that in the ancient lands, there is universal education and common impoverishment. So we are in the same boat having come out from the economic depression of communism.

Hungarians have been made colder by communism and also the Slavs in Croatia, Poland Russia... I could also mention Mongolia.

I hope we can agree to stick together and be patrimonious, clear of likening to the twisted venture of Nazism. We don't have a history alike the Germans.

Hungary I know can esteem that they never permitted witch hunts and shielded Europe bravely from the eastern attacks.

I have made a facebook page to gain support against human trafficking by having the girls taught to take no interest in the wrong offers for business, coming from frauds who are actually slave drivers.

Keep a warm heart and good luck!
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