Can this sleepmovements have been a epileptic seizure?

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I have a history of 2 febrile seizures in childhood. I doing something with my hand but it is nothing there and doing some weird stuff with my head.


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Re: Can this sleepmovements have been a epileptic seizure?
« Reply #1 on: 28/09/2013 00:36:25 »
... I doing something with my hand ...

The hand movement looks a bit like a "pill-rolling" movement, but doesn't go on very long [0:50-0:60]

Quote from:
.... automatisms, such as:

    mouth movements, including chewing, lip-smacking, gulping, swallowing, or spitting
    eye blinking, head turning, or raising one arm
    hand movements, including picking at the air or at his clothing, gestures, rapid “pill-rolling” movements, grasping at objects

That you are poking out your tongue [to one side] and appear at times to have asymmetrical facial expressions are worthy of note.

You should show this video to a neurologist who specializes in treating epilepsy and tell them your history.

[ Re: YouTube videos.  I believe it is possible to specify that a YouTube is "unlisted" so it is not visible to the general public, only visible those you give the link to , which could spare you any grief from Trolls who post offensive comments.
   Personally I wouldn't put my full name on YouTube videos of my medical problems as one is then Googleable. If it is epilepsy there is still stigma attached to that condition and you lower the odds of being subject to that prejudice by not having your real full-name on the video ]
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