Was this an epileptic seizure?

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Was this an epileptic seizure?
« on: 28/09/2013 16:20:50 »
I have no seizures on daytime, but I use to wake up many times at night, sometimes without remembering it and only Seeing it on my videocamera. One night i raised up, whistled alittlebit on a song and lifted my digital clock up in bed with no meaning of doing it, and then i "wake up" and checked my Mail on the iPad. Of the clock event, I only remember Seeing the blinking numbers on the clock, but it is a very low memory. Can this have been a seizure? The clock was on the floor so i raised up and walked behind the bed where the clock was.
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Re: A epilepsy question
« Reply #1 on: 28/09/2013 17:35:20 »
Symptoms only affecting one side of the body would differentiate seizure from parasomnia.

Here is a report which includes whistling during seizure ...

Quote from: epilepsyfoundation.org
Automotor seizures are characterized by repetitive, stereotyped, semipurposeful motor behaviors, involving primarily the distal limbs, mouth , and tongue. Automotor movements involving the mouth and tongue (oral automatisms) include mastication, swallowing, lip smacking, blowing, whistling, and kissing. Those involving the distal extremities (gestural automatisms) include fumbling, picking, and gesticulating movements.

But people do vocalize during parasomnia , (e.g. somniloquy).
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