What do some smells linger?

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What do some smells linger?
« on: 01/10/2013 21:30:01 »
Andrew B. Roberts  asked the Naked Scientists:
How does odour work? For example, pizza in car / lingering smells


What do you think?
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Re: What do some smells linger?
« Reply #1 on: 02/10/2013 23:58:25 »
Odors are typically produced by one or more chemical compound. These compounds must be volatile to get into the air, and they must bind to and activate receptors in your nose. If the compound is too volatile, it all goes into the air too quickly, and dissipates. If the compound is only very slightly volatile, then it is released very slowly over a long period. If the compound happens to smell very strongly (only a small amount in the air is necessary for it to be smelled), and is not volatile then there will be a lingering smell.