Comment on primary colours...

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Comment on primary colours...
« on: 02/10/2013 06:30:02 »
Peter A Blacksberg  asked the Naked Scientists:
   There are three "primary" colors.  Additive, subtractive and pigment.

David said light = red green blue. True.  TV, theatre lighting uses RGB together = white light

All printing technologies including photography uses subtractive color dyes cyan magenta yellow which filters white light leaving " black" when combined. Ink jet printers use this technology with the white substrate paper acting as the diffuse light source by reflecting ambient light. Traditional photo positive film works this way too.

These dyes are translucent filters different from...

Pigments act differently than RGB or Cyan Magenta Yellow (black for visually density) Pigments combine complex reflective and absorbing qualities of paint- like substances. The colors produced are an 'alchemy' of metals, oxides, organic molecules and so forth. Pigment technology is not the basis of any primary color system.

There is more to this. I hope I have furthered the discussion.

Peter A Blacksberg
Rochester Institute of technology

What do you think?
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