Will preventing antibiotic sensitivity, help treat Chronic Lyme Disease as well?

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Hi guys...here is the link to your bulletin which caught my eye! I hope you can expound on this...


I have chronic Lyme disease. Will this new discovery help in the antibiotic treatment for my Lyme disease... Right now we are rotating 2 different antibiotics at a time For several months and then we hit it with a second round of paired antibiotics in order to try to treat the Lyme spirochetes and avoid this sensitivity..I read your news bulletin on this and my heart jumped out of my chest! It has been a long road over the last 7 or 8 years now.. longer if I start way back at the time I contracted the disease and did not know about Lyme so thought nothing of it. I will spare you all the information on all the secondary Conditions I have acquired with that over the years..
  I really want To know if this new discovery will better help me battle and gain better controll over the advancement of my disease...?  It seems at the present that for every step forward, we seem to take 3 steps backwards.. it's hard to hear them tell me it gets worse before it gets better... thus far as in my case we've had very little luck with the treatment working. Because about the time we start to pull
 ahead the current antibiotic pair becomes resistent and the herxing gets so bad we
have to stop allow my body to rest. For a little while last time just over 2 months
before we were able to start the antibiotics up again...
      Will this be Benificial in my treatment or have I misunderstood the outcomes of
the whole theory and outcome of this discovery?
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