Discuss: WAKE UP! - The Science of Sleep

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Discuss: WAKE UP! - The Science of Sleep
« on: 05/10/2013 13:07:50 »
What's the best way to catch 40 winks? We investigate the science of sleep, including why we need it and why do some people fall asleep at the wrong times? Jason Rihel tell us how he investigates what makes us sleepy using zebrafish and Mick Hastings explains the effects of shift work on our health. Plus, in the news, nanoparticles deliver vaccines without needles, the 4,000 year old body perfectly preserved in a bog, an animal that can keep track of tides, a new nose grown on a forehead, and nurturing new neurones to treat Parkinson's...
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Re: Discuss: WAKE UP! - The Science of Sleep
« Reply #1 on: 11/10/2013 16:24:56 »
I'm not sure if I'm asking this question in the right place but it is a major concern I have and it has to do with sleeping n dreaming. I am a very heavy dreamer, I dream several times every night. I remember almost all parts of all my dreams. The unrealistic dreams I have are not my concern. Lately I have been having dreams of memories that when awake before the dreaming occurs I could've told you all the details of that memory, and in my dreams are exactly the same. But last night I had a very vivid dream that I am concerned may be a memory that I had blocked out, which I have had this happen before and been able to ask someone to verify it's truth. My mother is a very demented, unstable woman with a lot of issues that unfortunately my little brother and I suffered the consequences of our entire lives until we cut all ties with her. He did so at a very young age and I have just done so recently. Anyways, last night I dreamt that my little brother and I were sitting in the living room floor of a house I don't remember(which isn't uncommon we moved a lot whenever a man nearby wouldn't give my mother the attention she desired) we were eating a snack that I had fixed us because we hadn't eaten all day due to my mother being so strung out she didn't care. We finished and were waiting on my grandfather to arrive to take us out for supper and to sleep of at his n my grandmothers house and my younger brother and I started wrestling around playing, we got a little rough and my knee got skinned up and in the process somehow so did my mother's ankle. She became infuriated and grab my brother by the throat so I pushed her away, so she grabbed a knife and stabbed it into her chin(she has a scar there I remember her getting but cannot remember how) then she proceeded after us with the knife. We ran outside to get away from her and she chased after us. Our grandfather came running up from his car and took the knife from her as she was about to cut her own throat(she has attempted suicide several times since I was born and I remember a lot of them as I was the only one I come to her rescue). My grandfather then looked at my brother and I and said we won't tell anyone about this, and the 3 of us got into his big conversion can and left her standing on the porch. I had a few bad cuts on my forehead where she had cut me(I have scars in those exact places that I until had no clue where they could've possibly came from). I then awake in tears, and could not quit crying. My brother and I were very young in this dream and he doesn't remember much of his childhood, which neither do I, and my grandfather passed away a couple years ago. I have no way of discovering if this is a real memory from anyone. I feel it is very possible that it is a real memory. The age we were in the dream was around the time my parents were in a very cut throat no holds bar custody battle. My mother had left my father a note when she left him and told him that if he ever tried to take us she would kill us, that even though she never wanted us to begin wit she be damned if he would have us. So with all that said and history to boot. How could I find out if this was an actual memory? I have deep rooted hate for this woman and I have forgiven though not forgotten the things I know to be true that she has done to me and my brother in our lives. But if this is something that is keeping me from moving on I feel I need to know how much truth their could be in this dream
/memory. Please help!

Thanks for your time. I know I tend to ramble and take my time getting to the point but I feel all of this is relevant. Again thanks so much for taking the time to read this and thanks in advance for any help!