What is the IQ of a Gorilla?

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What is the IQ of a Gorilla?
« on: 03/10/2013 10:33:24 »
What is the IQ of a Gorilla and what can it do? How many words can one remember?
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Re: What is the IQ of a Gorilla?
« Reply #1 on: 03/10/2013 11:12:57 »
Here are a couple of notes about a gorilla named Koko.

As a juvenile, they're rating the IQ at 95, and as an adult, in the 80's and 90's (I think).

It says Koko's vocabulary (sign language) is around 1000 words.

On a slightly different track, apparently a dog, Chaser recognizes the names of about 1000 different toys, and can even deduce the name of a new toy, Darwin.

Anyway, I would imagine that doing interspecies IQ tests would be difficult.  Did they skip any questions?  Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, differentials, integration?  Apparently Koko doesn't do math, so how actually was that section of the IQ test scored?  What about inference?  A is to B as C is to D?  Many IQ tests do inference questions both verbally and graphically.  1000 words?  Was the IQ test tailored to the gorilla's vocabulary?