cure as i cured anemia

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cure as i cured anemia
« on: 27/07/2006 14:29:47 »
Anemia is a disease which is accured with the lack of iron content in the body. This is more caused in women as she undergoes menustral, pregnancy, during chemotherapy at cancer attack, if some body in the family was suffering from it, during the chronic conditions, lack of healthy diet and many others. This can be cured if the symptoms of it are unnoticable. But when it is attacked the person becomes pale, he doesn't have any energy in doing his rotuine works.He feels lazy, fatigue and drouziness can be seen in him. This can be cured with intake of the food which is healthy, taking iron tablets, using the b-12 vitamins and others. The overload of iron is not good for health and it may cause dangerous to the body also. So,  you can cure this with the intake of the herbal dietary supplements which do not cause
any side effects and cures in an alternative way. So if you want to know more about it then you can browse at this site. I am interested in sharing this as i was suffering from this before but now i am free from it with the grace of my doctor K.Rao, who is a specialist. Visit this site for more information