Discuss: Can we make a fake brain?

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Discuss: Can we make a fake brain?
« on: 21/10/2013 11:14:32 »
A special edition Question and Answer show: how do prosthetic limbs work? Can you train your brain? And is a brain transplant possible?
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Re: Discuss: Can we make a fake brain?
« Reply #1 on: 22/10/2013 17:39:00 »
The human brain is far too complex to replicate currently. It is theoretically possible though. It raises a huge philosophical question: What is it that is you? All of your memories, thoughts, ideas are really just data stored in or generated by your brain. If I could copy every bit of this data to an artificial brain, is that still you? And what of the original biological you? If you then destroyed the artificial brain have you committed murder, suicide, or just wrecked an expensive machine? What if, instead of destroying the brain I simply delete the data? And this completely ignores any religious implications.