TRUTH OF UNIVERSE - Theory of soul transformation

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Theory of soul transformation states that soul never die, soul is just like energy, which canít be created or destroyed, it is just transformed from one to another.
Letís assume, Ice born at 1900 and died at 2000. He died, his body converted into liquid. It means Ice doesnít exist anymore, but his dead gives birth to liquid water. Now when liquid water died, it gives birth to water vapor.

So we can say, everything is energy which never get destroyed and just keep transforming. This is same with our soul. When Ice died, water born, when water died, gas born. Soul is transforming from one stage to another.
I think, this example can answer million dollar question i.e. what happen after our death.?

Letís experiment this theory on Mouse. Let say One mouse is eaten by Cat. So does it mean Mouseís soul died? Everything is energy, even soul, thus it canít die, it will transform. Mouse will provide some nutritionís and other elements. These elements give birth to new cells. So mouse soul is transformed into cells. Cells may have their own life, just like us.

So here first principle is, Soul transformed itself with energy. Thus everything is energy and every energy is soul.

Our body is created by many things and these many things are created by many things. We can say many life actually exist within us, in form of cells, virus, microscopic lives etc.

Everyone has life and therefore, soul. So when soul interconnects with each other they create super soul. You are example of super soul. Many soul in your body exist and they have created you and your soul. This also apply to other lives like trees, animals etc.

So here we all souls on our planet, by interconnecting with each other, created super soul that is earth. So earth is super soul and we are sub souls.

Yes, Earth has own soul, just like us. Same apply to other planets. Souls on that planet is created them. But now you will wonder there is no life on other planet. But truth is life exist, we just didnít understand it. Every Planet has their own soul, created by sub souls on that planet.

Now, when all planet interconnect with each other, creates super soul. Here we can say Sun. now here sun is super soul and other planet are sub souls which created super soul.

If we continue this cycle, we can say galaxy is super soul created by all sub soul i.e. millions starts and planet.
Galaxy have their life, they born, they die, even some time they fight with each other.

Second principle is, every small element of energy has soul, when they interact with each other create super soul. And this process continues.

Thus If we go reverse, we found small element of energy has life and soul too. So smallest part of energy is atom. This atom has soul and life. If atom has soul. it means everything around universe has soul and life. i.e. Human, Animals, Plant, even non living things like furniture and all other since everything is made of energy.

1. Every small element of energy is soul, it transforms itself with energy and it has life.
2. When souls establish contact they create super soul.
3. No difference between Living and Non living things.

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