What are the properties of crystals?

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What are the properties of crystals?
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The all mighty crystal! It's powers are somewhat of an enigma. For countless generations crystals have been seen as mystical and magical objects and for good reason, crystals have profound effects on light, sound and electricity.
I know of a few crystal powers which I will list below but I do not believe that these effects encompass all of the powers of crystals so if you know of your own effects which crystals posses go head and reply :>)

There are bold lies which surround crystals, a bunch of esoteric nonsense. These are not the powers I speak of.  I speak of real scientific effects such as the piezoelectric effect, ruby lasers, quantum entanglement and others.

The piezo electric effect

These types of crystals vibrate when you apply electricity to them and produce electricity when you vibrate them. The vibration of the crystals tend to produce sound, some can even produce ultrasound.

Quantum entanglement.
Entanglement of light is done throught the process of parametric down conversion which simply means that you pass a laser through a special crystal inorder to split the beam into photon pairs. There are many different kinds of crystals which can do this but dimonds are are famous for doing this.
Quantum entanglement of electrons is done useing a special crystal with what is called a pollycrystaline lattice. These types of crystals are called superconductors, you freeze  these things they quantum entangle electrons

Light emitting crystals
These types of crystals glow in the dark, there are several types of these light crystals infact all glow in the dark materials have these crystals in them (synthetic, lab made).

Phosphorescent crystals
Crystals which glow under ultraviolet light (black light) these types of crystals are actually quite common

If you are reading this then I'm not done with this post, I'll finish this when I have time.
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