How does Prozac work to combat depression?

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How does Prozac work to combat depression?
« on: 12/11/2013 14:46:58 »
A new study indicates the antidepressant Prozac reverts the brain into a more flexible state reminiscent of the teenage brain.

Read the whole story on our website by clicking here

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Re: Positive brain frameworks
« Reply #1 on: 11/11/2013 18:19:45 »

If true, I wonder if there would be effects that would extend far beyond treating depression.

For example, perhaps one could treat Alzheimer's Disease.  Help adults with learning tasks that would have benefited from an earlier start such as learning a foreign language.  Or, perhaps also help with the decline of mental acuity that the elderly often experience.

Perhaps part of what is happening is the reuptake inhibitors increases the time that the neurotransmitters are in the synaptic cleft, and thus reinforce the particular synapses.  So, if one is interested in plasticity in general, perhaps one should look at a much broader class of reuptake inhibitors beyond just serotonin.