Would it be possible for human to exist in different solar system environment?

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I am interested if human could live (not with modern technology), in different planetary environment, for example planet with two moons or closer/further from the earth. Lets assume that humans were able to somehow got in to that environment or they evolved somehow the way they are in different environment. I am asking how much that environment could be different from the one we have and what would surely not lead to human evolution. I mean, some environmental changes would surely change the environment that much that human could not ever evolve there, but there must be some environmental changes we could still stand.
Would our environment become human friendly if there would be no moon, multiple moons, or we would be closer, further from the sun (not too much)?
Our planet would be smaller or larger?
What effect has existence of other planets in our solar system on our planet? Would be our planet different if it would be the only planet in the solar system? or some different number of planets then we have now?
Would be life possible if some neighbouring planets were much closer to our planet?
Would be human life possible if there would be different size of sun (assume that our planet would be closer/if smaller and further/if larger)?
And what about multiple suns? Could planet with human life take multiple suns in some proper distance and placement?