How did you feel after ejaculating 3 or more times untill you get exhausted and cannot ejaculate more, in 30 minutes by draining all the semen you had inside the body ?

Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome-Sperm in bloodstream Theory.

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Check out if ejaculating more than once is helpful to how many POISers
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Dear Folks,

First of all it is great this forum exists and good to see how people tries to help each other, sharing their experiences.

The experiences I have are almost 7 years old now, as my POAS started around in 2007. Since then the sickness became worse so I tried lot of things, some of the treatments were the same like you had. Now, I'll summarize all I know about it, maybe it will help for some of you.

Symptoms after ejaculation (doesn't matter the form):
- breathing difficulties
- pale skin
- change of the heart rythm
- dizziness
- extreme tiredness, especially the next 2 days
- feeling cold
- feeling weak
- fearing from death
- whispering or avoiding the speaking
- loss of hair
- back pain, especially middle back and lower
- kidney pain
- stitch in the side
- pain under the nipples
- changing colour of the urine
- long sleeping, but still fatigue

If more than 3 of these symptoms you feel after sex or masturbation, probably you suffer a kind of POAS.

The symptoms will be stronger and longer so it is not recommended to wait with the treatment for long time. First, I recovered in 1 day, later I needed 3-4 days.

Western treatment
You can go with this problem to GP or urology. Probably they will make a blood test and in case of urology, an ultrasound/ ultrasonic test. If they not find any major, like tumor or blood cell disease, they will send you home to have rest, or they make hormon test. In my case, testosteron level was low, so I got hormon theraphy. But for me it didn't help ( maybe in other cases, it helps). Then they told they cannot do anything with it and sent me to alternative therapist.

Eastern treatment
 I went to acupuncture doctor who told me my chi level is low and my kidney function has been damaged and suffering underperformance. It means this causing many symptoms I already wrote above. He started to treat me which made faster the recivery process, but it didn't help to stop the disease, so I had to visit him regularly. He also advised to take the following stuff often:
- licium (goji berry)
- cranberry
- drink lot of liquid, especially hot (tea, soup)
- ginzeng
- ginger

Actually, all of these stuff helped me a lot, and made quicker the recovery process.
However the disease was still with me. Since then, I found many things which were helpful. One of them was the nail bed. It may sounds strange, but I can confirm, it really helps to energetize you and makes you sleep better. You can find them as acupressure matrasses too. This only helps if you use regularly. Sometimes it stopped all the symptoms, but after I got up, they came back, until I "recovered".

I would add couple of things, which were helpful to reduce the strength of POAS:
- avoid sugar and sweets
- avoid citrus, like lime, lemon or orange and such juices, they all cools you
- avoid alcohol
- avoid spicy food
- avoid being awaken during night time
- taking food and drinks hot, so you body will not use energy to heat them up
- put on enough clothes, keep your legs and waist all time warm
- have hot shower, but not stay long time in hot water
- do physical activity, which not makes you too tired - for me the thai-chi and chi-kung were helpful, but yoga is great too or something which energetize you
- try not ejaculate in sex (I know it is not easy)
- eat vegetables which help your kidney staying healthy (like beans, cinamon, etc).
- learn some acupuncture point you can press if your chi is low - the first kidney point, which is at the middle of sole of the feet you could press it by your finger.

Most of the POAS symptoms connected to kidney problems and the weakness of nerves and kidney. You can strengthen them and it may helps you to recover better and faster. But - as I mentioned - it will not stop completely the POAS. If I manage to find the root of this sickness, I will add here for sure.

Take care guys and keep warm your waist all the time