What is chronotherapy?

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What is chronotherapy?
« on: 11/06/2014 16:55:39 »
The emerging field of chronotherapeutics seeks to align drug treatments with an individual's body clock. The results can be impressive, ranging from fewer cancer chemotherapy side effects to improve suppression of cholesterol with statins. Priya Crosby clocks on to investigate...

Read the article then tell us what you think...
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Re: What is chronotherapy?
« Reply #1 on: 28/12/2013 14:13:02 »
Remarkable. So a cell 'knows' when daylight should turn on?
Exactly how does it know this? The rhythm isn't everything, or is it?
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Re: What is chronotherapy?
« Reply #2 on: 28/12/2013 21:32:28 »
I thought "Chronotherapy" referred to the fact that most diseases will get better by themselves over time, even without medical intervention.

Eg "Take a pill and you will be right in the morning" means "in 12 hours you'll feel better".

However, it takes a medical professional to identify the instances where medical intervention is really required.