Dark matter

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Dark matter
« on: 19/12/2013 02:45:24 »
    I am a layman but as I think of what we call "gravity" the way it works does not go along with what I see as the infinite nature of space.
    As I wondered what other than gravity could be responsible for the force that molds immense physical matter into what we see out there.
   My theory is that other than a gravitational pull on objects in space, I see the pressure of open space as a force that envelopes all objects individually with an equal amount of pressure on them forcing them, and what is on or close to them into a resistance in the dark that surrounds all things. Dark matter is not an unknown force "in" space, but dark matter is open space.
   There is no such thing as nothing. Open space is like an ocean that "contains" energies that attempt to survive as the "Dark space Force" relentlessly applies the undetected pressure on matter within it.
   The bigger the object the greater the resistance in the "Dark Sea" that holds it. Resulting in the pressure being greater at the surface of the object.
    Atmosphere is the result of two massive energies struggle against one another. One force surrounds the other with greater weight from its size.
   The so called "black hole" is a disruption of the "Dark Force" after an non-solid object collapses from the pressures around it, allowing the "Dark Force" to gain a unstoppable momentum towards the now missing singularity of the collapsed space. These events give the Dark Force energy to consume things it draws into its crushing power.
   This also explains "The Big Bang" theory of expansion better, knowing that as a greater pressure of immense vastness can force an explosions expansion of that magnitude eventually back in "reverse" into the chaos of energies created as everything collides into the original singularity, only to become unstable and explode again. I'm saying that the Big Bang" is a recurring event that happens in unlimited areas of the Dark Forces ever present power.