The keys to the Big Bang

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The keys to the Big Bang
« on: 20/12/2013 01:38:50 »
I had this idea a while ago and it just kind of makes sense.

Black holes, the epicenter of life and death within our own galaxy and countless others have a very important purpose in my mind, recollection. So the Big Bang is ignighted and the beautiful chaos begins a countless number of elements, gases, vibrations, and energy shot out into the nothingness. In the center of the larger bodies lay the black holes a huge magnet that absolutely no sound, light, energy, or matter can escape. Pulling and pulling everything around it in until its alone in the nothingness falling through time. But being big magnets these loners will eventually run into another and two will become one. Inevitably black holes would eat everything ever created, including each other. Then every single thing that the Big Bang had the last time to ignite is right back in that same place, ready to start again. The keys to the Big Bang reopening the lock.

I have a lot of crazy theories :p


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Re: The keys to the Big Bang
« Reply #1 on: 24/12/2013 04:25:29 »
I like your theory, it is a bit like the "Big Crunch" theory which suggests pretty much the same thing. But it can't be proven because of a mysterious force called "Dark energy" which suggests that everything is flying away from each other because the fabric of space is expanding.  the expansion is thought to be accelerating too, and will eventually overcome the attraction force of gravity.

I personally think that dark energy is a form of gravity caused by the big bang, a recently proven attribute of gravity called "gravity waves". I believe that before the big bang everything was contained in a super black hole like your theory suggests. This black hole would have all the combined gravity of the entire universe contained in it, causing a huge gravity well. The force of gravity caused the super black hole to implode, crushing all matter into energy in turn causing another big bang like your theory suggests.

dark energy is gravity waves caused by the explosive disintegration of gravity from the singularity (super black hole) during the big bang. causing a ripple effect, a bit like this but in the fabric of space

the water represents the fabric of space the big bang causes ripples in the fabric like the ripples in water except the ripples in space are represented by the "red and blue curve" of the dark energy theory. right now things are moving away from each-other because we are on a up slope of one of the gravity waves but eventually we will go into a red curve and things will move closer together. then back into a blue curve and back again, until the gravity ripples eventually get less and less powerful and no longer effect the coarse of the universe's evolution and a super black hole is able to form, then implode forever.

essentially your theory is right but it will occur very far in the future, like a few googles in the future when all the stars go out, when hydrogen fusion fuel runs out and matter is able to go into the bois-einstine condensate state of matter, only when the super black hole is in the bois-einstine condensate will it be able to be compressed enough to implode.

my point is that in-order to prove your theory you have to figure out what dark energy is, I gave you my hypothesis on what dark energy is but i don't think it's right.
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