Do you have any career advice for someone with low grades?

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I am so depressed about my undergrad GPA that I feel like ending my life. I am graduating from college with my Bachelorís degree in Anthropology next semester. My cumulative GPA is only 2.5 because I had below a 2.0 during my freshman and sophomore years. However, I had a 3.8 during my senior year. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do now to change the past. I cry every second wishing that I could go back in time and study harder in college. I lost interest in everything, stay alone in my room all the time, and didnít go out for like six months. I would be interested in working for a museum, a historical society, an archaeological research center, a primate conservation center, or a national park. I live in NYC. I am passionate about human and primate evolution, osteology, population genetics, forensic anthropology, Mesoamerican archaeology, Viking archaeology, and the archaeology of ancient China. I think that I ruined my future and I will never be able to get an entry-level job or get into a Masters program. Most employers ask for college transcripts and no one will hire someone who graduated with a 2.5. I donít want to end up stuck in retail or flipping burgers. Do you think that my life is over because of bad grades in the past? I am so tired of being stressed out and worried about my future that sometimes I feel like jumping off a bridge.
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Re: Suicidally depressed over a low GPA
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Why don't you try to get an internship?
Other job experience?
Perhaps go to your favorite museum and apply for ANY job, such as customer service, tours, etc.  Then start climbing the ladder.  Volunteer to help set up exhibits, restorations, or whatever interests you.

Or, is there some way to get onto an archaeological dig somewhere?  I presume a portion of the job is just digging, washing, carrying dirt around.  I can't imagine they'd be that concerned about a cum laude. 

Your first job out of college, the recruiters may ask about your GPA.  Your second or third job, they'll be more interested in  your skills and work experience.