Feedback: how are yew trees helping doctors?

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Feedback: how are yew trees helping doctors?
« on: 21/12/2013 23:30:02 »
BOB THIBODEAU asked the Naked Scientists:
I just listened to your podcast on cancer treatments, etc.

When you posed the question "What tree is used by oncologists for cancer treatment?" I immediately knew the answer (European Yew) as I had been treated with Taxatere (Taxol) for male breast cancer in 2002.  It was the 2nd 3 months of a protocol named ACT. I had minimal side effects from the AC, and my Dr's said "you will have no problems with the T(axatere)." Such prophetic statements are too often a temptation to fate.

I was hospitalized after the 1st treatment, and subsequently lost all my fingernails and toenails when they turned to wax and fell off. I also suffered from peripheral neuropathy when I was not advised to supplement with Alpha lipoic acid. My oncologist took me off the protocol after the 11th treatment (of 12) because she didn't think I would survive. But I obviously did.

So I have a love/hate relations ship with the tree that saved my life.

BTW, I really enjoy your podcast, You cover a wide range of interesting topics. Please keep up the great work,

Bob T.

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