Balloon Power

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Balloon Power
« on: 24/12/2013 03:17:30 »
                                                          ~Balloon Power~

Could it be possible to suck out energy from space? by connecting the electrically charged Ionosphere to ground?

I propose a project which would be pretty simple, get a near space balloon like the one in the picture above and attach a carbon nano-tube thread to the bottom which extends many miles down to the ground. a current will flow from the electrically charged section of the atmosphere (ionosphere) through the near superconducting carbon nano-tube thread down to the earth and be grounded out.

I dont know what would happen if you ground out the Ionosphere but it's my guess that one of 2 things will happen.

One: it will trigger a massive discharge like a planet sized capacitor, sort of like a super lightning bolt which will be over 100 times as powerful as a normal lightning bolt. which will disintegrate the balloon and wire instantly.

Two: a steady current will flow down the wire as far spaced charges accumulate on the balloon and travel down the wire. which would give modest power outputs.

But it seems to me that this could be a free energy system like solar panels, which would take energy directly from the charge that the sun bombards us with every day. It would be as simple as a balloon on a string.

Carbon nano-tubes would be an excellent candidate for the string because they are very strong, very light and very conductive.

The two tiny threads holding up that lamp are thinner then a human hair and they can support the lamp's weight and supply the power to the lamp. The string on the balloon would need to be very strong to withstand air currents pushing the balloon causing tension in the line. as well as very light so that the miles of wire needed wont weigh down the balloon. The line would also need to be very conductive so that the current will be able to flow miles down to the earth without the charge dissipating do to resistance.

carbon nano-tubes fit all of these needs to make a perfect string for the balloon. as they are more conductive then pure silver and it is one of the strongest and lightest materials known to man.

what do you think about this theory peoplez, post a reply plz!