M theory, virtual particles, and black holes.

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M theory, virtual particles, and black holes.
« on: 02/01/2014 18:48:26 »
Like most of the threads here in New Theories Section, I have no positive proof for the following ideas. Nevertheless, the proposition I'm offering has merit due to the limited physical facts we do have about the ultimate shape of things. And of course, when I speak about the shape of things, I'm referring to the true nature of our universe.

M theory or more frequently referred to as Brane theory suggests that we live on a 4 dimensional membrane closely adjacent to similar membranes on either side of us, where both sides reach to infinity containing an infinite number of so-called branes. Speculations has it that our big bang was created by a collision between our brane and the one directly adjacent to us. This collision then, in theory, is responsible for the mass and energy we presently have in our personal universe.

So how do I tie in the other items I mentioned in the title?

Black Hole Influence on the Brane.

I believe our own big bang was a collision produced by a massive gravitational well in the adjacent brane. I believe this because there is some support for the idea that gravitational influence can pass between branes. When the mass of the black hole in our adjacent brane reached sufficient size, the gravity it produces drew our brane close enough for a collision to take place. This collision between branes then produced the big bang in our present universe and the energy that was transferred to us from this collision is responsible for all the mass/energy we now have available in our present reality.

The question now is; What are virtual particles and why do they come in and out of existence?

Just as the gravitational influence can pass between branes, I believe that energy leakage is also possible without the eminent collision that huge gravitational masses can produce. I believe this leakage between branes is the source of these virtual particles.

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