How much physics was understood in ancient India?

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I got a film, “Under Siege”, a Steven Seagal film.  Basically, they mentioned – well, this is just a check of veracity of the statement with you obviously.  Well, they mentioned how physicists understood the mechanisms of nuclear technology after they had perused ancient Indian text like the Bhagavadgita which go back about 5000 years I believe.  A very ancient text amongst the first actually and they mentioned how they peruse the text and they understood the nuclear physics from reading these texts.  Now, just suppose of that question and this answer in, I found out that an ancient Indian civilisation, the Harappan Civilization, and just go about 5000 years and made complex cities built at degrees and angles from the monsoons every year and so forth.  They build them around the time they build the pyramids.  They had amongst the first environment conservation programmes that we know in archaeological literatures.  So, they obviously knew a thing or two about science even going back in the Neolithic era.  So, how could the science behind this, the veracity...
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Re: How much physics was understood in ancient India?
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Nah, wishful thinking. Same stuff as expecting people of a limited life span to become instant gurus. We learn through experience. But the Chernobyl fungus was interesting.
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The Ancient Greece ideas traveling to India seem plain false. Ancient Greece culture is nowhere near as old as the Indus Valley Civilization. It is about 3000 years younger (founded in the 6th to 8th Century BCE). India has given quite a lot to us from plastic surgery to sewer systems. It has been claimed that India found gravity 500 year before Newton. It was published by the scientist Bhaskaracharya.