Could you imagine the difficulty to book a train ticket to go home?

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The new year in China is coming and many people who work in other city began to book a train ticket to home.
Could you imagine the difficulty to book a train ticket?


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I'm not sure how trains are in China.  In Italy, a large portion of southerners work in northern Italy.  The trains are always slammed before Christmas with people heading south for Christmas, and heading north afterwards.  Or, perhaps it is people moving around the country for Christmas, but I think there is a large north to south migration (necessary with the north/south orientation of the country).

Anyway, when I traveled from Parma to a little town called Uggiano La Chiesa for Christmas one year in the late 80's, I was with a group.  We had one seat for 6 people.  There were fold-down seats in the aisles of the train, but they were all full too.  Most of us were either standing in the aisles, or sitting on luggage.  Apparently there is no law against over-booking trains in Italy, and the capacity is only limited by the number of people that can be crammed inside.  I think there would be complaints if they turned away half of the passengers.