Need to step up voltage from 1.2V to 5V in seebeck pelteir plate setup

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My project is that I want to USB fire charger. Its a device that you place on or near fire that will use the Seebeck effect of a pelteir plate to charge a USB device.

So far I learned that i will only get 1.2 volts from a pelteir connected with a Schottky diode. USB ports need 5 V to charge any device.

I looked online on ways to step up voltage and the thing i found is a charge pump. Is the only way to step up voltages from 1.2 V to 5 V. I also found this link that steps up a solar panel voltage to 5 V, could the panel be swapped with a pelteir plate. (Link removed/pr...ly5vSolar.h...)

Thank you for your replies in advance.


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But check the power-output of the peltier plate to find out the viability of your project.
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Why not put four Peltier plates in series?
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You can find step-up transformers, but I agree the easiest solution is to design your system to produce the correct voltage as alancalverd suggests, especially if you have very minimal power input.

The topic has been discussed several times in the past.