Why do baggy shirts make me sweat more?

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Why do baggy shirts make me sweat more?
« on: 20/01/2014 18:47:24 »
I rarely get too hot in a shirt or a t-shirt, but i have a collection of over-sized airy cotton and silk shirts and they never fail to make me too hot even when ridiculously unbuttoned, why?


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Re: Why do baggy shirts make me sweat more?
« Reply #1 on: 21/01/2014 02:24:11 »
Are you worried about sweating this time of year?  I can't really test your hypothesis here, now.  However, much of insulation is due to reducing the movement of air. 

A tight fitting shirt may wick moisture through the shirt and still allow evaporation.  A loose fitting shirt may provide extra insulation, as well as creating a more humid environment under the shirt preventing evaporation, and thus giving the effect of warming.

It would seem that a breeze (running/bicycling) with an open shirt would negate this effect.