Do black holes bend space?

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Do black holes bend space?
« on: 25/01/2014 12:09:38 »
Published in Frontiers in Astrophysics,june 2007,,,..."large dimensions would remain invisible because matter and light are stuck like glue to 3-d space,,,,and gravity would be free to travel through other dimensions"...Stevestheory,has a thought..Tying quantom physics,and Einsteins gravity..,,the weight_mass of planets that bends space and time,,black holes which form from the mass of objects which has been imploded to the same mass just smaller size,has now,instead took its mass as it was which gravity could hold,to that mass but smaller area that it became,and either tore thru the fabric of space,like a pea sized mt everest would thru earth as in"wonders of the universe"mentioned its mass, Squeezed into itself would do,Einstein's gravity..,,,or has because of its dense mass,warped that fabric of this space_time and has caused it to stretch thru other dimensions space and time,maybe not puncturing the fabric.but as like a funnel or punch bowl.Thats why a black hole over time will spew energy and matter back out in a stream of energy lightyears away like a galactic flashlight,,a melting pot....,,,string theory...,,,quantom physics........just some small thoughts that has boiled my brain......just theorizing..also want to stretch some of my theories out by what i am thinking to some of what ive been study' Genzal-Max Plank--Astrophysicist"anything can be a black hole,its just a matter of getting massto be concentrated in a small enough volume".....Einsteins gravity....,,,,....and Brian McNamra....Ohoi Univ.Astronomer..."When something falls into a black hole it is no longer accessible to our world"...Quantom physics//...,,,..string theory with thanks to Joe Polchinski, some the start,from Frontiers in Astrophysics
....and of course,,,,,I believe,,,,OUR HERO.....Einstein!!!!!!!
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