Can our environment shape our exercise habits?

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Can our environment shape our exercise habits?
« on: 29/01/2014 00:30:01 »
We all know that exercise and a healthy diet is good for us, but is there anything that government can to help us follow the advice?
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Re: Can our environment shape our exercise habits?
« Reply #1 on: 29/01/2014 04:36:17 »
I do find that there always seems to be an effort to hide the stairs.  I worked in a building once where the stairs going up were always locked.  One could go down, but not up.  However, in general I try to avoid elevators and escalators, not that I hang out around malls that much.

One thing the government can do is to put in bicycle paths.  They're better in some places than others.  It is not uncommon to be riding along and then suddenly have the bike path or nice wide shoulder end.  And, of course clean them periodically.  Little bits of glass may not do much to a car, but they can be a big pain for bicycles, and it is not safe to be swerving around glass.

I've also been to government buildings with no bicycle parking.  It is simple enough, put a bike rack out front.

There also has to be a better way to activate traffic lights, especially left turn lights.

Anyway, there can be more effort to make alternative, and somewhat more exercise intensive transportation easier.