POM, the way forward

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POM, the way forward
« on: 10/02/2014 08:22:16 »
POM: Post Orgasmic Malady (but in most cases, not incurable!)

How many of us are bordering on a specific malady that is our own personal curse from the endless list of medical possibilities.
And all we need is a trigger to push us over the edge?
My malady was migraine, real migraine attack(not just a headache, but the inability to talk, depression, stroke symptoms, the whole gammut)

For a lot of us, orgasm may be that trigger, after all, how often do we totally submit to the needs of our inner body and soul?

Do you find you are being triggered into a host of symptoms after orgasm?
I was for so many years it pushed me to celibacy. How about you?
Unfortunately, we suffer, and God forbid, our families suffer
You should be searching for the symptoms you experience in every area of medical knowledge, but please, not POIS.

There is hope by using a most unusual life style change.... mostly diet... and the information is free!
All you need to do is post your request!
This thread is NOT gender exclusive, in fact quite the opposite, so you girls, please post your maladies (and let me assure you, no perverts are allowed here)!
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