God , Church , pedophilia , anti-homosexuality , Međugorje scam

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We have come a long way since the OP, and covered some interesting ground.  It would be a shame to degenerate into concentric circles we all know where that leads, so I am going to bow out, unless anyone feels strongly that there is something else I should add.

I hope stalkingcockroach got as much out of the thread as I did.
There never was nothing.


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Religion is the result of a spiritual experience, the habits formed after.  That means with light and love, and habitual prayer, or contemplations...

Religion exists in people with a really faulty nature. Religion is good.

Some people have no spiritual experience of their own, but have their parents' legacy.

The Catholic church for example admired the love and compassion of Jesus, and love wisdom. The priests may be non practising homosexuals. Homosexuality is not fruitful, a minority leaning, unhealthy scientifically speaking. Jesus was not homosexual. He was from above and eternal, the one to admire.

If people have trust and work for students, human nature, not religion means there are unseemly incidents. James of Jesus said, your anger does not serve God's righteous purposes and true religion takes care of widows and orphans.

As a non Catholic I am more free to criticize the confessional practise with the same sins confessed week after week for years. There should really be change and freedom. Towards Christ. Priests should sometimes have been layed off permanently.

All church's and staffed organizations need money.

Schizophrenia is an illness of belief, that is it is delusional.