Dark energy and dark matter.

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Dark energy and dark matter.
« on: 13/02/2014 22:10:04 »
Dark MATTER is basically missing matter, nobody really knows why this stuff exists or how it works "truthfully" But we know it's out there because it plays a huge role in the shaping of galaxies 80% of the matter needed for galaxies to form the way they do is missing. Because dark matter has gravity it curves light slightly when light passes through it. You can visualize the placement of huge dark matter nebula by calculating the distortion pattern of light passing through the gravitational field of a dark matter cloud/concentration.

Dark ENERGY Is basically space expanding. The way space is expanding is thought to be accelerating and may possibly go on forever, expanding until the rate of expansion overcomes the attraction force of gravity, In which scenario objects would fly away from each other.

The 2 concepts (dark matter and dark energy) are not really related to each other. These 2 things are likely 2 completely different things.

It Is My belief that I know what dark energy actually is.
I know that dark energy are actually gigantic gravitational sine waves which were generated when the big bang imploded then exploded and converted all of it's mass into energy. For you see before the big bang the entire universe was contained in a single spot called a singularity (like the center of a black hole)
It might be easier to visualize this.
Imagine the entire universe condensed into the size of a marble. imagine how much gravity that marble would have, It would be "like a super black hole" Logically speaking that would mean that before the big bang if the singularity did exist then universe was a black hole. The universe was a super black hole before the big bang.

when the big bang happened it turned the entire universes mass into energy as a result the super gravitational field of the super-black hole disappeared instantly, creating a rippling gravity wave effect, which is still felt today as dark energy. The expiation of space attributed to dark energy is actually your part of space experiencing an up slope of a huge gravity wave.

The amplitude A represents the expansion and contraction (sort of like the red and blue curve) of space characterized by dark energy right now space is stretching but soon it will revers direction and condense.

the wave length for the dark energy gravity wave is huge, spanning many millions of light-years each
The wave is a sine wave like a rock dropped in to still water.

Dark matter on the other hand is something completely and utterly different, it's actually ordinary matter in a special "state of matter" a 5th state of matter discovered by Albert Einstein called the Boise-Einstine Condensate. You can put regular matter in this state of matter by doing one of 2 things, freeze it to near absolute zero OR condense it with extreme pressure. Scientist's have made this stuff in the lab by freezing it but in order to condense it you would need the pressure of a "black hole" Infact the center of a black hole (the singularity) is in the 5th state of matter, allowing nuclei to clump together forcefully by passing the electrical repulsion of electron clouds. This is why the singularity appears to condense infinity but in reality the matter is simply super condensed into a sort of "mega atom"

80% of the matter in a common galaxy is in the fifth state of matter, sitting in the middle of a black hole.