what causes gravity? why mass causes a bend in spacetime(gravity)

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Theory: Gravity is caused by the transfer of energy from one point to another within the same particle or object when that object is moving.

I realize that this is pretty crude and i apologize in advance if i drift off my point as I have ADD but I decided to write this post after a long night of surfing YouTube and coming across these 3 pretty mainstream videos about the fabric of the cosmos. After watching them I found myself wondering how these pretty common and widespread videos can be seen by millions of people yet no one seems to have asked the question i found myself with after watching.

If everything that is moving through space at different speeds is also moving through time at different speed then how do forces or energies move from one thing to another thing when they are moving.
If i plug in my battery charger that charges at a speed of 0.1 W/hr then spin the battery around on the cord. the battery is moving through space faster than the wall plug and therefore traveling through time slower.

Is the power output at the battery going to be more than 0.1 W/hr???

Am i charging a battery in the past???

here are links to the three videos I watched I suggest watching them for yourself.




Now I want to make it clear that I am not a scientist. I am just a normal guy, I went to a normal school. I don't have an PHD or any other scientific education. I do however question pretty much any information I get either from other people or from observations of the world around me.

Before we start there are a few fundamental things that need to be understood for this theory to make sense.

The first thing to know is that this is not an attempt to explain how gravity works but what causes it. I agree that, in line with Einsteins greater theory of relativity, gravity works by having a bend in the fabric of space time which causes all matter (objects in space with mass) to "fall" toward all other matter, with force relative to the mass of each object and the distance between said objects.

Time and space are relative. By this I mean that the faster something moves through space the slower it will move through time.

Particles. By particle I refer to any one object that, combined with other similar objects, makes up another larger object. As we are dealing with gravity a planet in a solar system would be the best example to use here. Each planet would be considered to be a separate particle that together make up a larger object, the solar system.

Now these main ideas are understood I present my Theory of what causes gravity and the bend or warp in space time.

I theorize that Gravity is a bend in time space caused by the transfer of forces between two points within the same particle when that particle is in motion through space time.

Two points which are at different distances from the center of a single particle that is spinning move (through space) at different speeds. In F#1 point A will be covering more distance than point B in one rotation of the circle.

Given that space and time are relative we can say that point A and point B must be moving through time at different speeds also. For a force to transfer from one place to another, both places must exist directly next to each other in space and also exist at the same moment in time.
An example of this is the kinetic energy going from a ball which is moving through the air to my hands when i catch it and then ultimately all the way through my body and dispersed into the ground. Both me and the ball are parts of a larger particle, the earth

If i have my hand in a place which will not be next to the ball as it passes the force transfer will not take place.
If i have my hand in the right place BUT not at the right time I will also miss the ball and no force transfer will take place.

How then can a force move from one point to another point within a particle when (if the particle is spinning) those points don't exist in the same moment in time? There must be something connecting the two points.

I propose that this connection is made possible by a bend in space time which in turn causes the two points to be drawn together through space and that the amount of force drawing these two points together would be proportionate to the difference connecting the two points.
we call this force gravity.

I have tried to develop a test or experiment to prove/disprove this theory but because gravity and its effects are most evident when dealing with very large spaces and objects it is hard to demonstrate on a practical level on earth and in scale with the human body. Along with this the mass, and therefore gravity, of earth on which we live poses the problem that when we try to test this theory easily one must have a controlled gravity-less and motion-less environment which we cannot experience as we are all surrounded by gravity and are all moving through space around the earth as it spins around the sun as the universe expands.

I searched the internet for a while and came across an experiment conducted in the 1950's to prove Einsteins theory of relativity where two atomic clocks were synchronized then one was taken up in a very fast airplane and flown around and when it was brought back it was observed that the times no longer matched up. why didn't they continue this and put one clock at the equator and the other at the north pole (or as far away from the equator as practical) seems the speed of earths rotation at the equator is approx 1670 km/h they would be able to continue experiments without wasting fuel and having to compare the differences caused by the earths rotation in relation to the planes moving position.

Or even easier why not just put a clock on top of a hill and measure the difference that way.
Because like in F#1 the further away from the center of a spinning object the faster it must move per rotation

I have thought about how these experiments could help prove or disprove my theory by showing discrepancies in the math.
Another way I could test this theory is to put two synced clocks at exact same altitudes but on opposite sides of the earth and measure the differences  that should be caused by the earth spinning around the sun which in theory should change the amount of distance traveled by each clock at a certain point.

That is all I can think of now, if u made it this far I hope you have something to add, suggest or just state your opinion on this theory. every idea has to start somewhere.


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I think Fatio and Lesage were close to the right description of gravity. Trouble is, their model doesn't work for solid-particle gravitons; the energy is off by many orders of magnitude. The energy can balance if you postulate wave, rather than particle, gravitons. Rather than bounce off of masses like particles, the waves are diffracted by a very small angle. This transfers enough momentum to the mass to account for gravity, with only negligible exchange of energy (assuming that the gravitons are billions of times faster than light).

Gravity between two masses results from each mass altering the quantity, momentum, phase and/or polarity of gravitons that reach the other mass from the direction of the other mass.

Those gravitons (not the gravitons of the standard model) are my candidate for dark energy, and they are closely associated with the expansion of space. I believe dark energy is aethereal pressure waves, while regular energy is aethereal shear waves.

Gravity is a push. It pushes less forcefully in the direction of another mass. The net force on one mass points toward a neighboring mass because the push is weaker in that direction. For simplicity, we ignore all the pushes that cancel out, and we treat gravity as an attraction.
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I think of gravity as the second dilating and the inward bending of space I see is the lengthening duration of a straight path.  The longer duration of the present within a gravity well is the accelerated frame.