The same mistakes

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The same mistakes
« on: 24/02/2014 07:24:35 »
First science said: the world was flat, and Europe was the center
Next science said: the world was round, and earth was the center of the solar system, with planets, sun and stars revolving around us
Then science said: the sun was found to be the center of our solar system, and the planets revolved around the sun
Now Science says: We are but a small part of the universe, and what is outside our universe is still speculation.

BUT Science still bases all our latest theories on what we observe here on earth (or so relatively close to earth it is of no consequence, unless you look out to 20 decimal places when measuring a parameter, like the speed of light)
What makes us think we have it right? Chances based on history say we are unlikely to do so.
Oh yes, I know, "but we are much more advanced now in our understanding", didn't every previous scientist say that too?

What if our universe is a huge gravity well with infinite mass at the center? And we are half way out of that gravity well?
Our measurements of time, speed of light may be correct for around our neighborhood, but are they correct when we move closer to or further from the center?