Are dialated eyes more hypnotic?

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Are dialated eyes more hypnotic?
« on: 05/03/2014 06:24:58 »
                                              Dilated eyes vs constricted eyes, which is more hypnotic and why?

I read of a technique where someone can learn to dilate there eyes on command, in-order to become slightly more hypnotic how and why would doing something like this have any hypnotic effects?

I also read of a more complex technique which involves dilating and constricting the pupil rapidly which is supposed to have even greater hypnotic effects. look at this link describing these techniques.

What I want to know is "WHY" doing something like this is hypnotic.


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Re: Are dialated eyes more hypnotic?
« Reply #1 on: 05/03/2014 11:21:09 »
In the absence of exogenous drugs, dilated pupils means they are pleased to see you ...

Quote from:
... Polt's pupils enlarged most dramatically when a picture of a nude woman flashed before his eyes, leading Hess to hypothesize that sexual arousal stimulates the pupils. Further experimentation found heterosexual people's pupils dilated when staring at opposite-sex nudes, whereas homosexual participants exhibited that pupillary response when looking at same-sex nudes, offering further confirmation of a link between sexual interest and dilation ...

So people with dilated pupils deserve more attention than would otherwise be the case.

Contact lenses would be a a more practical and safer option than trying to override your autonomic nervous system ...


Her Majesty should buy a pair of those contacts
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