What a Black Hole really is and how it operates

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What a Black Hole really is and how it operates
« on: 06/03/2014 22:21:17 »
 How the Universe (Really) works.

The Big Bang, set in motion the Universe, and it did so, in order for the

Universe, to continue to regenerate itself, and thusly, continue it's

very existance.

Out of the massive nebula's that formed, amount of dust and gas, in the

very beginning, would have been awe inspiring. Monster's looking out

into space, as they started evolving, into the very thing that it takes,

to keep our Universe alive.

The stars were born from those nebula's, and some of the largest stars

ever conceived would have been there. But also, millions of years later,

the larger star's did something, that became the second largest

explosions known to man. Hyper Nova's, were created, this produced the

black holes,, that began forming the galaxies around it.

What is a black hole? A black hole is nothing more, than Hyper

compressed matter, nothing more and nothing less, added with Hyper

gravity. What is Hyper gravity? Hyper gravity, is when not only does it

crush the very atoms into each other,, it accelerate's the rotation of

matter. Which in turn, accelerate's the solid core left inside the star,

the Hyper Nova, compresses matter, to such a dense state, that the solid

core, now Hyper accelerated,, to just below the speed of light, devours

the star inside out.

There is no gate way, there is no other Universe, it's not a portal to

another dimension. It's just a solid core,, in a Hyper accelerated state

and density, and heat. How do you heat something up? You compress it,

the basic laws of physics, so that would mean the Black Hole has a very

high temperature.

Itís actually incredibly hot. At least the surface of the black hole is

very hot because as material is falling in towards the black hole, itís

being compressed into an ever smaller volume of space. There's less

space close to the black hole than there is far away from it and so, that

material is elevated to tremendous pressures and tremendous temperatures

of hundreds of millions of degrees, which means it doesnít glow red hot.

It glows hot in ultraviolet and x-ray light.

Do the black hole's violate the laws of physic's? No they don't, they

are actually just compressed matter, with Hyper gravity. They just

rotate at a speed, that's just short of the speed of light, which gives

them their incredible energy and gravitational pull. As in our galaxy

six hundred trillion miles wide, fifteen million miles wide in the middle

from the black hole.

Now we know that the galaxy is to big, to be able to support itself, just

on gravity, and that dark matter would also need to be there to support

all of the galaxy. When you think of the black hole, trapping light, and

forcing all matter down to the very precise point , the singularity. Yes

it does,, it has to , the nuclear fusion, from the gas, has expired and

ran out. Gravity forces the remaining matter, to a high density , and

inside of it,, Fusion is still being done. It's just in a different

form of Physic's. What a Black Hole does,, is basically Confinement Fusion, but what they produce, would be what we cannot see. Dark Matter, and Dark Engery. The existance of it, is true, it has to be there. There is nothing else that would allow the galaxy to keep its form.

Dark Matter, Dark Engery, are products from the Black Hole, it flows

out,, and around the galaxy, Dark Matter and Dark Energy both, would be

attracted to gravity, and 200 billion stars not counting the others,,

makes our galaxy a giant gravitational field. To pull the Dark Matter to

fill in the holes,, and collect around us. Thusly supporting our galaxy.

Gateways to the counter verse? No they are not gateways to alternate

universe's and are not a way to time travel. They are nothing more than

engine's, that produce dark matter and radiate dark energy. The fusion

process is still going on, and while still in the realm of physics, they

just happen to be on the edge of physics.

The solid matter rotating just below the speed of light, on the more

massive black holes, along with their solid body, producing Hyper

Gravity, then pull in matter, and forms the accretion disk. While it has

a stronger gravitational field at it's equater, this causing the material

to gather into the disk shape.

When in Hyper Gravity, the reason that material is ejected from it's

north and south poles, causing the quasar to erupt. Matter hitting the

solid matter (that we cannot see the surface of the black hole), hits it,

while its moving almost at the speed of light. It pulls the matter in, and layers it over what's already been compressed, and pushes it down to the single point. Singularity,, which is the heart of the black hole, where all Dark Matter is being produced.

Everything works within the realm of Physic's. In this aspect,, now that you know.. Black Holes, should be referred to as a CGE (Confinement Gravity Engine).

Because, there are no holes,, in our universe.

Time distortion and time stoppage, yes, that is the true power of gravity. And now you see it in a more clear concise point of view

It would surmise that the force of Hyper Gravity slamming down on the solid core left in the middle of the black hole,, How ever much force the gravity applies to it,, Give it Hyper rotation of the same applied force.

And it would actually be perceivable to do. If we know the size of the star's,, the one's 20 times the mass of our star.

We calculate the distance from the corona edge ,, to the core, and then calculate, how fast,, it closes in on itself, and that is the force, and speed at which,, it slams in to a free spinning core already.

This will be able to give us the exact amount of rotation that the Hyper Gravity, will put on a black hole's solid core,, and we should be able to actually predict their exact amount of gravity and speed at which they will accelerate with. And then know the exact amount of gravitational force they will have.

It's just like the old spin tops, you us to push down on to make rotate and stand and let go and watch them spin. The inward compression,, causing the black hole to turn at a Hyper state.

If the gravitational force, implodes down and in, from say a star, that was 1 billion miles wide,, and it takes 30 seconds for the edge of the gravitational field, to collapse back in on itself, in just under 18 seconds from the actual beginning,, It slamming down at just under the speed of light. Having it would take 15.5 seconds at the speed of light.

Hyper gravity, it would seem would be anything that would be any force over 3/4 the speed of light,, to induce Hyper gravity.

If we are able to measure the force of exactly,, how much force , compression, speed, and determined longevity of the actual life cycle of the black holes core. And variable speed, and along with the entire magnetic field it would be emitting.

Stephen Hawkings was right, in his calculations,, Black holes are not eternal. They would over trillions of years,, lose their speed, rotation and gravity, and would it be possilbe,, that with irregular shaped galaxies,, would this explain,, how? why? They have gone?

With a black hole losing it's speed and rotation,, over time ,, and this is if you scale it down to the one's that would be say just 20 x's the mass of our own star,, be why?

That when a black hole,, is no longer able ,, to produce Dark Matter, that while Dark Matter would be attracted to gravitational forces, and the core, with Confinement Fusion,, radiatiing Dark Energy,, that as it loses,, its ability to produce it,, that a galaxy would actually start to loose it's shape and form,, for lack of support from the black hole itself.

It does make you wonder,, when Einstien thought of the fabric of time,, was he actually, coming up with Dark Matter and how it support space and time? I think he had it right myself.

If a star,, from it's corona,, implodes,, faster than the speed of light,, would you need to measure in plank time. You can measure every aspect of life in plank time.

You take super density, and Hyper gravity,, (yes I came up with Hyper Gravity,, which is the force of gravity slamming down with accelerated force, giving a hyper rotation, to it. )

If you know the stars density,, just how much it will crush down to. and the size. Yes,, you can measure,, every force, that will be exerted..

The first thing you have to understand, is a black hole is not a hole, it's a solid core. Just in a state of Hyper activity.

With, Density, Accelerated Rotation, Gravitational forces.

 Black Holes,, provide the foundation for galaxies,, dark matter, and dark engery,, they really the finality of continued evolution of stars and matter.

The final stage in the recycle bin of life, as they collect,, hold, shape, and then sustain our place in the universe

they dont consume everything in them,, at times they eject up to 90% of matter its compressing. , And it causes the layering,, over billions of years,, the amount of matter it compresses,, vs, the amount it ejects,, you would probably see,, that it ejects,, just as much as it consumes down to less.

After all,, confinement fusion, by the sheer, Hyper gravity as it compresses atoms to fuse under such conditions.

The matter isnt falling into a black hole,, its merely being pulled into and against a solid core,, in hyper rotation. If you take matter and let it collide with matter that is moving at ,, say,, 7 million miles an hour,, and I am using the stars in the middle of the milky way galaxy, due to the fact they have already been seen, and their speed estimated.

Now if something hits and its traveling at 7 million miles an hour,, and collided it with,, say,, something rotating, at only half the speed of light. The off (gasing) and material ejection,, would be Monumental and seen from far across the Universe. Oh ,,, lol, that right,, they do operate that way.

The Event Horizen,, is not into a hole,, but actually the Black Hole (Solid Core) reach of matter, be it particles, or photons .

Again,, where it comes down to,, are Years and Decades of calculating gravity as a direct straight point of all areas,, directing in..

But Gravity, has direction,, its why everything rotates, so apply the rotational Hyper gravity. (kin to spinning a basketball on your finger) and give that force,, applied. And then a black hole is not designed to wander around , destroying, but actually the reverse, they generate the basics for sustaining where life can evolve, and continue.

Example :   A Super Massive Star,, 1 billion miles wide, as it runs out of fuel.  The Gravitational forces at work.  Would do this. 
It runs out of fuel,, at that moment,, the gravity at the Corona's edge,, slams in,,, And any one will tell you.  At that very moment,, it goes to go a Hyper Nova state,,, the gravity from 1 billion miles away from the Core,, SLAMS in,, since light travels at 700 million miles per hour,, it would take almost 3.15 hours,, for the gravity traveling at the speed of light to collapse on itself,, and that would be hitting with the force Precisely the speed of light. 

Yet,, when a star goes at that moment Hyper Nova,, it takes only seconds,, to punch through the corona with the quasar pulse. 

So,, proportionally,, the distance from the edge of the gravitational field, to the core at the time of crushing force.   Would determine the speed,, and if you consider the larger Stars,, that are the most massive,, now would you see how it could be measured,, as well,, as the very possiblity of even some of the black holes, could possibly,, travel with rotation, faster than the speed of light ? 

That it comes down to Gravity,, and density,, producing,, a Gravity Fed Confinement Fusion Compression Generator.  And this would explain Dark Matter, where it comes from as well as Radiation of Dark Energy. 

Ty for reading

Daniel B

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Re: What a Black Hole really is and how it operates
« Reply #2 on: 11/03/2014 13:00:08 »
I Have a question concerning the "hyper compressed" matter in the core of a black hole. To me you seem to be referring to the uncertainty principle. I think this is what you meant by hyper compression, correct me if I'm wrong. But in the uncertainty principle protons neutrons and electrons are thought of as "clouds of probability"  the electron cloud being the biggest and protons and neutrons are still in these "clouds" but their clouds are smaller, do you mean to say that these atomic clouds overlap to form this hyper compressed matter?

Like 2 atoms merging together or what? are the protons and electrons in some kind of Bose-Einstein condensate?


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Re: What a Black Hole really is and how it operates
« Reply #3 on: 11/03/2014 13:19:32 »
Scientific Sorcerer,

You could have brought a cup of coffee or something,, sheesh,, to early to think, I still got galaxies swirling around in my head this morning.   Yes,, you got it right on the head.  Except no clouds,, just overlapping matter, moved downward into what would be a solid core, turned with massive heat due to compression.  And with that kind of heat,, would have to be ,, I mean,, really,, if you think about it,, compressed into a molten inferno , so that compression fusion. actually produces energy. 

The heat , the gravity keeps within,, that will take a long long time to ever cool down, so the rotation would slow.   Kind of awe inspiring when you see it that way.  Natures best attempt a being perpetual :)

And Scientific Sorcerer, Its nice nice to meet you. 

Daniel B


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Re: What a Black Hole really is and how it operates
« Reply #4 on: 13/03/2014 22:30:57 »
I have to argue with the dark matter, dark energy part of your theory, if a black hole produced dark matter which is affected by gravity. It would be sucked back into the black hole, so there would be no dark matter.
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Re: What a Black Hole really is and how it operates
« Reply #5 on: 14/03/2014 17:50:49 »
All answered on the Singularity post :)