autoionization in photovoltaics

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autoionization in photovoltaics
« on: 10/03/2014 08:37:10 »
Water and some other molecules have a propertycalled autoionization. That means theu spontaniously ionize them selves just to recombine a picosecond later. The point is - the energy for this to happen os taken from the ambient heat ( which is not perfectly unoform - some molecules have more speed than others). Could this phenomen be utilized to generate elecrric current from these vibrations in matter that we know as temperature? Perhaps somehow similar as in photovoltaoc cells - as soon as electron-hole pair is created by a photon they are sepparated and forced to go trough the p-n junction.. in this case, tough, there would be ions created, not free elextrons, but still- could it somehow be harnessed?