Mass dynamics.

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Mass dynamics.
« on: 11/03/2014 11:47:47 »
Mass Dynamics

When I speak of mass I do not refer to atomic mass, I refer to a large group of people, and how the social dynamics of a mass of people defers from the social dynamics of a one on one conversation.

Now when talking about the unwashed masses, a certain esoteric theme seems to haunt this subject. I know why this is so, the esoteric philosophies of the past are very similar to modern psychological practices and teachings, such as the seemingly occult practice of hypnotism and finding hidden meaning behind the troubled words of therapy patients.  In my eyes a practitioner of the arcane arts shares the same goals as modern psychologists and that goal is to dive deep into the human mind, to attempt to understand what understanding is, to use the brain to study the brain and to unlock meaning behind the elegant design of the most complex thing in the known universe (the human mind).

Few see the masses as a thing of power from which they draw sustenance, indeed the people of earth as a collective may be the most powerful unrelenting force on earth. I too wish to ascertain power and wealth, from the masses.  I look upon the works of musicians and tune out the music they make, I instead look on them with my eyes and see what they are doing. Behold an image of a concert.

Without hearing the musician's words you can look with your eyes at what the musician is actually doing. He is generating a mass from which he draws sustenance. the picture above is only a small mass, a mere morsel compared to the masses that the masters of this ancient art can generate these days. But music is just one way to draw a crowd to you.  In this article I will attempt to enlighten you to this power source which scientists don't seem to understand, thus the words of many scientists remain unheard.  It seems like a contradiction to me that scientists would provide the tools by which modern day "Mass Masters" use to generate their power, yet do not know how to use the tools they made.

The tools I speak of are the tools of modern media in all of it's forms. Radio, television, computers, newspapers and everything else in-between. Why is it that scientist are not on these things? I can't name more then 2 scientists that are on television or the radio, heck I have to dive deep into the articles if the web to find the work of brilliant scientists. Instead our media devices are filled with the most profane idles and fools.

Even in this photo you can see the grubby little hands of the masses reaching out to this human indignity. But why?  Why do people care about things like this?  Despite what you may think of these idles, they do what they intend to do, which is draw a crowd. For the longest time I had not looked at the underlining reason why people do these things.  It all revolves around one thing, money.  I would like to highlight Miley Cyrus because  through her it is clear to see what people will do for money.  In the entertainment industry your favor (more like fervor) with the people is were you get your money from. The task that these "stars" have to do is simple. attract a crowd over and over again.  But the way that they do that is what I want to focus on.

How do you make a mass of people? The question seems straight forward but in reality there is an entire science devoted to that question. You see someone might say the answer to that question is to do a performance, juggling, singing, dancing, playing a guitar But the reality is that you can do all of these things and not become famous.  There was a concept developed to attempt to scientifically answer the question of masses, it is called "emotional charge theory"

This theory is among the most esoteric ideas I know of. It works like this, Imagine mass of people, normally the people in a mass are unorganized and the focus of the people is divided into various tasks. But when someone goes on stage their intention is to bring the focus of the entire mass on to one spot (them on stage) the words they speak and the image they portray can "charge" the mass with emotion, you can charge a crowd + positively, - negatively or both. Real emotional power comes from charging people both ways.  I know this concept seems vague so I will give you some examples.

A positive charge is like a happy feeling or loving, good feel which also actually includes sadness. It is clear to know when you have been charged positively.  Have you ever watched a sad movie ending and your airways become tight and restricted? It's almost like you want to cry but the feeling is very different. This is a "charge" and it can be built upon so much that it can make people become so charged that they break down and scream "I love you!" and girls will throw their clothes on stage and basically go crazy. Most people don't react that intensely to emotional charge stimulation but some people are very susceptible to this trance like state.

A negative charge is basically the opposite, it's like a feeling of anger, outrage, desperation and revenge. An example of this charge is easy to identify, someone can insult you and make you angry and even make you cry with only the spoken word it can be so strong that it can literally make people kill. It can be very useful. Hitler was a master of the negative charge but he was only able to do what he did because of the way the German people were being feeling in those times. the German people had a reason to be angry and Hitler merely charged that anger with his spoken word.

It's weird how nobody thinks about this sort of thing EVER, even though it is the guiding force behind all changes in society.  Everything from style and culture to war and revolution is perpetuated and guided by the wielder of the silver tongue and his or her will.

Only now in this age, the voice and image of these silver tongued mass masters can be amplified by technology so that their words can reach crowds around the world simultaneously. if I were famous enough I could speak one word softly on camera and because of the internet that word could be heard thousands of miles away by millions of people. Who is truly worthy to have such a power? certainly not those who do wield it these days. It worries me because how else would the devil enter every home in the world to speak evil into people's ears. how else could he do that except through media technology? imagine the power that Hitler could of had if he lived in our times, with all of these media devices at his disposal.  A dark vision.

behold the crowds that can be drawn with the help of media technology.

It's not like it can't happen, a new more evil hitler-ish person could rise to power with the use of media technology, with it he could captivate the entire world at the same time, if he were to become famous enough.

I don't want that to happen. But there is no stopping the development of more mass media devices so instead I propose that we educate people to the hidden methods that mass masters use to get what they want through the spoken word. I intend to teach people the methods of verbal and emotional manipulation so that they may know how it is done, so they can know when it is happening to them.

"Emotional charge theory" is just one of the main theories in the arsenal of those who would control people for wealth, fame and power. There are a great many theories regarding this sort of thing, they are often never heard by a majority of the people.  They are often written about in obscure books that only the well versed would have any chance of understanding Most people don't care about this sort of thing and wouldn't even touch a book of this subject.  I don't blame those people because this subject is remarkably boring despite how the practice of things like emotional charging is designed to catch your attention. Learning how to do it, on the other hand is not an attention grabbing subject. But the incentive to learning this is the promise of wealth fame and power. What more could you want?

If you can learn to master the art of masses then you too could be on the television, radio and computer. obtain huge sums of wealth and become famous. But such promise is not without do diligence, if that life is what you desire then the daunting task of becoming well versed in the subject lays before you. I will do my best to describe how the mass systems work so that you may leave this article with basic yet important knowledge on this subject.

But for now I am getting tired of typing, I will add on to this later but if you are interested in talking about this or if you have any questions, feel free to speak your mind.
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