Feedback: Caffeine Study Skepticism

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Feedback: Caffeine Study Skepticism
« on: 12/03/2014 01:30:02 »
Jordan asked the Naked Scientists:
Regarding the caffeine study you mentioned on your show on 14 Jan. [], did they use a control group that didn't already drink caffeine?

I ask because otherwise the study might be revealing a side effect of caffeine withdrawal.

I've been suspecting this side effect as I used to have a terrible memory but since I've quit caffeine I've noticed my memory improve. It could be that the participants of the study were told to forgo stimulants and therefore the placebo group would notice a reduction in memory whereas the caffeinated group would have normal memory because they had a small amount of caffeine.

Knowing the affects of caffeine on the brain, I am very skeptical about this studies findings. Thanks.
What do you think?
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