How do black holes behave?

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How do black holes behave?
« on: 12/03/2014 08:30:02 »
AmeliaWasiluk asked the Naked Scientists:
Sound waves are a form of energy that can only exist and be detected by the human ear due to the fact that in our atmosphere, all the seen and unseen, that is composed of atoms (with a physical/solid form called matter) serves to create a bouncing effect of this energy that resonates or echoes our voices and noises into vibrations called sound.

For example, in a tunnel cylindrical shape, when a sound is exerted, the sound is amplified and because of the shape and the walls, there is no distortion. Energy is channelled.

Since nothing can travel at the speed of light without transforming or decomposing into light, the atmosphere in which we live cannot exist in black holes.

Because everything that goes through is transformed into light and light is an absorber by the very fact that there are no atoms or matter (physical or solid forms) to deflect, reflect, or refract light.

Hawkins' conclusion on black holes does not make any sense. If at the other side of black holes is an invisible sheet like plastic/rubber then whatever goes through would bounce back even if it came back up in a different form (of energy), the ultimate would be light either filtered through or refracted.

Furthermore, what if in some miraculous moment that sheet stretched out into a plain instead of going concave to form the black hole, then the black hole would disappear.

Amelia Wasiluk

What do you think?
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Re: How do black holes behave?
« Reply #1 on: 17/03/2014 07:49:39 »
Very interesting post on