Have you ever experienced Coital Cephalala\gia?

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Have you ever experienced Coital Cephalala\gia?
« on: 13/03/2014 05:04:06 »
Hello, So i am an 18 Year old male, and 2 Days ago i Suffered from a Coital Cephalagia, Also known as a Thunderclap Headache, during Sexual Activities. Basically, Right when i was at the moment of Climax, I suffered from an extremely intense, indescribable Pain in the back of my head, and on the back-right side of my neck, I have never experienced anything like this before. The pain was horrible but only lasted for a few minutes at most, while subsiding but leaving a faint aching in the same area for a few hours after. I researched what happened, because i have never experienced this before and it truly terrified me, I thought i was going to die. Roughly 24 hours after it happened i noticed i had moderate back pain, I have never had back pain once in my life, and my family does not have a history of it. I can still move my neck, but it does hurt my back, i cannot move most ways, even sitting up causes a sharp pain to shoot up my spine. By the pain is forceful, and sharp, but nothing incapacitatingly bad, although it is close, it just seems mysterious for someone who has never experienced back pain before. I am certain these two events are connected, so was my "Thunderclap Headache" so bad it caused a sore back? Or could it have been something worse like an aneurysm, with blood leaking into m Spinal fluid, causing an increase in pressure in my spine causing back pain? What happened? Will i be Okay? I have decided to go to the doctor if it happens again, but will i be ok? Like other users on here i have read that Thunderclap Headaches (Sexual Cephalalgia, in my case) could be a precursor of an aneurysm or brain damage, I haven't recently suffered any major head trauma, apart from being elbowed in the head late last week Does anybody have any advice? Thank you

-I am in no way overweight, weighing in at roughly 155lb's, I am also 5'11", If that helps at all, Thank you in Advance!