wire up the amygdala!

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wire up the amygdala!
« on: 13/03/2014 07:26:12 »
                                  Wire up the amygdala

There exists a device developed in the early 50's which was called "The stemo-ceiver" Which was a device that incorporated the use of implanted golden wires into the brain so that you could pass electrical current through the brain! literally wiring up the brain.  The subject is often haunted by a "big brother mind control theme" Because that is exactly what this device does, it controls the brain.  It's so powerful that you can control someone's body movements like a puppet (if you wire up the motor cortex)

But I had an Idea, what if you wired up the amygdala? For those of you who don't know the function of the amygdala, it is the part of the brain that controls activity the "frontal lobe" which is the most advanced logic center of the brain. If you "tickle the amygdala" then you can improve your learning capabilities.

My idea is to pass a small current through the amygdala to make the frontal lobe more active and thus improve someone's learning capabilities.

I'm talking about an implant that will make you smarter! Like a learning helmet off of scifi movies! and all ut takes is 4 hair thin golden wires to be carefully implanted into the brain which could be wirlessly powered perhaps through some kind of induction pancake coil implanted near your temple(s).

literally manufacturing genius.