question about decomposition

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question about decomposition
« on: 28/11/2003 16:03:36 »
I need an answer...My brother disappeared 8 months ago. November 20th he was found about 60 yards from where his car was left. He was last seen on March 25,03. From March 26 up until the day he was found dead people were within 5-150 yards of him daily. Authorities say he committed suicide. I can deal with this but not without several questions answered first. My first question is this....Can people be that close to him without smelling anything? He was found covered in a blanket, but I'm having trouble believing that would cover any smell. No vultures...and my best friend, who is a nurse, walked right by him and didn't smell anything. Is any of this possible?
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Re: question about decomposition
« Reply #1 on: 30/11/2003 02:11:50 »
I just answered this on another thread.

Again, I'm sorry to hear about your brother.

And welcome to the forum Inker!

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