Existence = The Universe "coupled with" Consciousness

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When the big bang happened, some form of consciousness had to be present somewhere when it happened; otherwise nothing was there, not even existence.

E= U   C

E = Existence
U = Universe
C = Consciousness
 = means "Coupled With"
The universe cannot exist, unless there is at least one being capable of thought found somewhere inside or outside the universe that can acknowledge existence.  “Consciousness” and the “Universe” go hand in hand.  Together they make up what is known as “Existence”.  Take either one away, and there is no “Existence”.

One may ask “Where did that “being” capable of consciousness come from?  Where was its beginning?”  Perhaps there is a never ending cycle of universes.  One a generation of universes and the life contained therein followed by another upon another; each with their own “Big Bang” as a point of beginning. 
One final word:  Science uses mathematics and observation based on real things that can be observed and measured.  For example “speed” can be defined as distance over time.  Obviously, some things that are very real in the universe cannot be observed or measured as easily, if at all.  The fact that we are conscious and alive is very real, but what is consciousness?  How can we incorporate something as real as consciousness into calculations.   It stands to reason that mathematical operations and notations such as addition and multiplication cannot work with concepts such as consciousness.  Because of this, the equation shown above is not a mathematical equation, but is a principle.  A principle that uses a notation to convey that the relationship between “consciousness” and the “universe” is a joint relationship, where both must exist at the same time in order to achieve “existence”.
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