Ice cube with a little horn?

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Ice cube with a little horn?
« on: 29/03/2014 00:49:44 »
I opened the freezer, and I found that one of the ice cubes in the tray, had frozen in a very wierd way, with a little horn growing on top of it, like defying gravity, anyone knows what could be the reason for this phenomenon?

Also, I always find little bubbles of air inside the ice when I look carefully at it, why doesn't it escape before the water freezes?


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Re: Ice cube with a little horn?
« Reply #1 on: 29/03/2014 01:44:27 »
Look up Ice Spikes

Apparently water freezes from the edge of a cube towards the center with the last bit being a hole in the center.  As the ice freezes deeper, it causes movement of water through the hole, and freezing around the outside of the drops coming out, and thus forming a tube.  Pressure from the freezing ice pushes out more water elongating the ice spike.

They form more commonly in very pure water.