How does the drug Etizolam work?

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How does the drug Etizolam work?
« on: 05/04/2014 00:30:01 »
Billy Piperman asked the Naked Scientists:
Could you please give me a brief overview of the drug Etizolam. I would appreciate a quick sentence or two on how it works, if it's safe, things like that. The vast majority of information online is a little esoteric for me.


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Re: How does the drug Etizolam work?
« Reply #1 on: 05/04/2014 18:19:59 »
Etizolam is part of a wide class of drugs called benzodiazapines, of which Valium is a member. 

It is recommended for short-term use as: anti-anxiety drug, panic disorder, as a sleep aid, or perhaps as an anticonvulsant.  The dosage would be dependent on the desired effect.

It will induce drowsiness, and likely should be avoided with driving or operating dangerous machinery. 

All benzodiazapines are addictive, and may induce an opposite effect upon withdrawal, and thus caution would be advised upon longterm use.  Personally I'd be very reluctant to use them as a sleep aid as they may cause rebound insomnia, and perhaps daytime drowsiness.

Of course, some of the uses such as an anticonvulsant may require longterm dosing, and the notes are indicating that for "generalized anxiety disorder", the drug can be effective over several weeks, and may in fact have increased effectiveness over time.

What are you taking the medication for?